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Weekly Tip

This has been a brutal year for colds, flu’s, and all types of virus’. Unfortunately, I got hit with a terrible bug that knocked me out for three days! While I was laying around in agony I was advised by many around me to go to my doctor and get on an antibiotic. Even though I felt awful, the last thing I would resort to was using an antibiotic. I am consistently shocked by the number of people that immediately rush to their doctor’s office the minute they feel the slightest bit of sickness to ask for an antibiotic. While antibiotics can save lives, the negative health consequences from using antibiotics regularly are enormous. All antibiotics, and especially the more potent ones ruin your gut flora, which in turn leaves your immune system horribly compromised! The real problem is that once your gut flora has been disrupted it can take months and even years to create a healthy environment internally again. This is where the vicious circle begins. You take an antibiotic to quickly get over an infection and in the process you dramatically reduce your body’s own defense against future infections and virus’ opening yourself up to chronic sickness. The reality is, most of the seasonal illnesses we get struck with are viral and antibiotics are useless when trying to fight against a virus. On top of that, the Z-Pak (one of the most potent and popular antibiotics on the market today) has recently been shown to raise your likelihood of having a fatal heart attack by 250 percent within the first five days of usage compared to those taking a mild antibiotic.

While the beneficial bacteria is killed during antibiotic usage, yeast, fungi, and diseased organisms proliferate. If you have recently been on a cycle of antibiotics it is imperative that you immediately reseed your gut with beneficial bacteria. The most efficient way to repopulate your healthy flora internally is to consume fermented vegetables during antibiotic usage and immediately afterwards for at least a month. If canning vegetables isn’t your thing (not mine), I recommend taking a powerful probiotic during antibiotic usage and continuing for a few months afterwards. Regularly taking a quality probiotic or consistently ingesting fermented vegetables will insure a strong immune system and fewer illnesses.

The next time you start to feel something coming on, opt for rest, fluids, and a quality probiotic. Avoid the antibiotics; they will harm your long-term health, give rise to antibiotic resistant infections, and ultimately, become much less useful in case you really need an antibiotic someday!


Yours healthfully,

Todd J. Smith

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