Embrace The Process

Embrace The Process

It’s pretty typical for most people who have a weight-loss goal to become obsessed with the quantifiable result. For instance, you want to lose 30 pounds . . . The actual number “30” then develops into what you spend your time fixating on. Everyday you get on the scale hoping the number is lower and lower and lower, allowing “30” to consume you, control you, and become a part of how you define yourself.

With your goal still in mind, what would happen if you stopped letting the number own you? What if you replaced it with the way you felt the morning you woke up and said, “I’m going to do this, I’m going to change my life!”?

Allowing yourself to focus on the feeling and behavior behind your commit to change in order to improve your life by healthy eating, exercise, and proper supplementation is what you should inherit. With that said, that emotion – the actual motivation that resides within you – the fire in your belly, and charge for living a healthy lifestyle is what will make you successful in your weight loss. Because it’s not about the weight loss, it’s not about the number; it’s about your commitment to change. And, it’s a process. Embrace it.

In fact, when you begin to own the behavior behind your goal – that feeling that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to with hard work, determination, and the refusal to give up – you will be able to make ALL your dreams come true.

Embrace the process – fall in love with it!

Commit to yourself. Commit to being healthy.

When you do that, the number “30” just becomes a stepping stone for better things to follow.

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Team Nutrishop

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