Success Story: Shane Barsell

Success Story: Shane Barsell

Meet Nutrishop client and The Omaha Challenge Winner, Shane Barsell:

Shane’s Testimonial:

The Omaha Challenge has completely transformed my external appearance. The problem area that I have struggled with my whole life has always been my midsection and love handles. I also wanted to have more muscular legs and a more defined chest and shoulders. So far, I have eliminated close to all of the fat in my midsection and my love handles are barely visible.

I used to be embarrassed and felt uncomfortable wearing tight clothing or shirts because my stomach stuck out. Now, it feels great to have all of my shirts feeling baggy; it’s almost like I lost half of a person in that area. When I look in the mirror, I’m happy and pleased with what I see. Like I had hoped, I was also able to gain more definition in my legs, chest and shoulders, too.

I feel like my posture has improved and I walk around with my head held high. I have more confidence in my appearance than I have had in my whole life! Since I was able to burn off so much fat, my plan moving forward is to keep improving my external appearance. I plan to put on more muscle and try to become even more “ripped”. Thankfully, I am very pleased with my external results and don’t ever want to go back to the way I looked prior to the challenge.

As I finish this challenge, one thing that is very important to me is that I spread the gift of health. I have shared with my family and co-workers my work-out regimen and meal plan. This gives me a chance to help others through my own experience from what I learned through the challenge. I have also quietly motivated several people at my work to begin fostering a healthy lifestyle. For example, my manager is an overweight older lady and since I started the challenge, she started taking wellness classes and I’ve noticed her eating salads and making better food choices. Healthy living is contagious!

In order to continue to spread the gift of health, I will make myself available and give intentional and motivational coaching to others so they feel good about sticking to their diet plan and exercise routines. I feel that I have gained a lot of knowledge as far as what works and what doesn’t. I plan on paying it forward and I believe that showing others that I can stick to something and be disciplined is powerful role-modeling AND inspiring for others!

Congratulations, Shane!

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Yours healthfully,

Team Nutrishop

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