Meet The Omaha Challenge Co-Winner: Chris Clem

Meet The Omaha Challenge Co-Winner: Chris Clem


Before I started The Omaha Challenge, I was fat, lazy, embarrassed by my appearance, and always tired! I had a closet full of clothes that no longer fit; I sat on the couch watching TV, could barely reach down to tie my own shoes, and had no energy to go out and do anything.

In January of this year, we took a family vacation to Disney and Universal Studios in Florida. As I stood in line with my daughter for one of the rides, an employee asked me to step aside. She then asked me to sit in one of their test seats to make sure I would fit and could be strapped in. I made it, but it was incredibly embarrassing having this happen in front of my daughter and a crowd of strangers. It wasn’t long after we returned home from that trip that I first saw a post about The Omaha Challenge on Facebook. Perfect timing! It was another sign that I needed to do something about my weight NOW.

As I began The Omaha Challenge, I met with Nick at the Legacy Nutrishop to discuss my areas of concern and get some nutrition advice. After discussing my food intake, he recommended Hypercor, Lipocor, and Detoxin. I have always had portion control issues so my family decided to start meal prepping on Sundays for the following week. This deterred us from eating late night fast food when we didn’t feel like cooking. Within the first week at weigh-in, I was down 11 pounds and lost 3 inches around my waist!

At that moment, I knew I was hooked on this program and challenge! I couldn’t wait for the next Monday to see how much weight or how many inches I had lost. With that said, taking pictures and entering my measurements into The Omaha Challenge helped keep me motivated and reminded me that there was a change each and every week. I could feel that my lifestyle was completely changing upon starting this challenge. For example, since I work the night shift, I was able to have enough energy to work-out in the mornings, come home after my workout and clean the house, work in the yard, cook meals for my family, and other daily activities. Before this all started, I would usually wake up late, eat pop tarts or ho-hos for breakfast, and then watch TV until it was time to go to work. Moreover, on the weekends, I am usually the one begging the kids to go outside for some type of activity with me!

In mid-April my wife and I celebrated our anniversary and decided to go out for dinner. In the past, getting dressed up for an occasion meant at least an hour of trying to find something that would fasten, button up, or just cover me up in general. That night, I was able to wear anything I wanted in my closet and I felt great in it! That meant I had accomplished my biggest goal; to be comfortable and look good in my clothes with no bulges, no clinging, no sucked in gut and no popped buttons! Honestly, at this point, I’m so happy with my results and how I look that I rarely even wear a shirt when I’m at home.

The Omaha Challenge may be coming to an end, but the lifestyle change that my family and I have made will continue. We’ve been sharing our meal prepping pictures and recipes on Facebook and some of our friends and family are now incorporating the concept into their lives. I have a great respect for the knowledge shared by Todd and Nick at Nutrishop and plan to continue using the products they recommend. So many times in the past we’ve told our friends and family, “Hey, we are starting this great new diet!”. They’ve heard it so much that they finally started telling us to get back to them when we could show them that it worked! And, historically, that was never because there was always failure. But TODAY, as I take my final pictures and measurements with The Omaha Challenge, I can’t wait to reach out to those same people and show them some real results!

Congratulations, Chris!

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Yours healthfully,

Team Nutrishop

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