The Way of Whey

The Way of Whey

At some point in our lifetime, we will look at ourselves and say, ”I NEED TO MAKE A CHANGE” when it comes to our overall body composition. With that said, most people have no idea of how to eat appropriately to reach their maximum potential. Every single day at Nutrishop we speak with people who think that they are eating fantastic and come to find out, they are self sabotaging their results with their food choices.

Protein in our daily diets is a key component to speeding up our metabolic process, keeping us full and allowing our blood glucose levels to remain balanced while recovering from strenuous exercise and changing the way we look. Unfortunately with our hectic schedules, many people let food choices go out the window and think they can eat anything and exercise will make up the difference.


THAT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN! If you are someone who struggles with getting in more than 3 meals a day, an easy way to supplement your meal plan is by adding a protein shake to your diet. When it comes to adding a quality protein shake, getting a solid Whey protein is the type of protein you want to get.

Whey is a complete protein containing all 9 essential amino acids and is low in lactose all while promoting recovery, lean tissue growth, weight loss and will improve protein synthesis. Not only does this product taste great, but this milk derivative is by far the most popular choice when it comes to supplementing the diet and is the best all around choice based on the taste, amino acid profile, immune system response and driving results.

If you have any questions regarding Whey proteins choices, swing by one of our two Nutrishop Omaha locations and we will show you several examples of the highest quality types of Whey that are sure to help you achieve your personal level of health goals. Adding this supplement is definitely the WHEY!

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Yours in health,

Team Nutrishop

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