How to Manage Your Diet This Fourth of July

How to Manage Your Diet This Fourth of July

Our friends over at Todd Smith Fitness have shared some words of wisdom that we would like to pass on to those who are trying to stick to their fitness and nutrition goals over the fourth. Here are what their expert trainers had to say:

It’s time to celebrate America’s independence!! The Fourth of July is a time to bond with family and friends while enjoying some BBQ and fireworks. Holidays can be tricky when it comes to eating sensibly; here are some tips to help you manage your diet while enjoying the festivities:

  1. Fill up on the healthiest options first. Hold off on diving right into the cookie tray when you enter the backyard BBQ. Fill up on veggies and grilled meats first, so you have less room for the sugar. Your waist band (and trainer) will thank you.

  2. Dedicate time to eat. Plan when you’re going to eat. Are you going to chow down right away or after you’ve said hello to all the party goers? Make a plan, eat, then move on. How many of us find ourselves hitting the food table over and over mindlessly as the night does on? Make a promise to yourself not to graze.

  3. Wear that party dress. Are you looking forward to showing off that new body you’ve been grinding away at the gym to get for the summer? Those pants you walked through the door in should still have the zipper and button intact when you leave. When it’s time to “roll out”, you don’t actually need to be rolled out the front door at the end of the night!

  4. Don’t be the Monday morning story. We all know the best choice is no alcohol at all if you are serious about your fitness goals. Realistically, in a social setting, most people are going to have a drink or two. Let’s keep it at that, one or two. You don’t want to go into the office on Monday and be “that guy” who embarrassed himself at the BBQ.

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