New Product Alert!

New Product Alert!

There is an ever growing market of health-conscious consumers that are constantly seeking new products to align with, not only their personal health goals, but with products that create a healthy internal environment allowing for greater energy, digestion and overall general health.

With that market expanding, Nutrishop recently launched in our stores Trailhead Nutrition’s new SUPERFOODS formula. The Superfoods product has combined an amazing blend of both fruits and greens in an all-in-one formula containing 9 grams of fiber, highly sought after super fruits, antioxidants, along with a robust sea vegetable blend, digestive enzymes, Maca Root and Biotin.

The cool thing about this formula is it combines the greens and fruits together into one product with an added new tropical apple flavor. If you are seeking a Superfoods formula with no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners that is dairy free, vegan friendly and gluten free, look no further than Trailhead Nutrition’s SUPERFOODS!

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