Meet the Omaha Challenge Co-Champion: Laurie Joslin

Meet the Omaha Challenge Co-Champion: Laurie Joslin


In the words of Laurie Joslin:

When I started the challenge, it was good for me because I needed someone to be held accountable to and the staff at Nutrishop really was committed to me – I have never felt so alive!

On Feb 12, 2016, I weighed in and committed to The Omaha Challenge. Corey sat down with me and not only went through the nutrition plan and supplements, he made me understand how it would benefit me through my weight-loss journey. When I would come into the store, each staff member was so supportive and was always on the same page with me. It felt great to feel the support and to know that they had a interest in me – THANK YOU, NUTRISHOP!

The protein powder, BCAA’s, Detox, Natures EFA Omegas and Natures Fuel have given my body a complete restart. I am sleeping better – I have energy for workouts and I am more focused and productive throughout the day. I feel like a better mom because I am able to do more activities with my children and I am finally able to keep up with them!

Three months ago, I had no idea the effect this challenge would have on my life. Prior to starting The Omaha Challenge, I stood in my closet crying and felt so ugly and disgusting – nothing fit! Even my stretch pants were too tight! Today, my mood has changed drastically – I feel pretty again and I handle things in a more positive way.  I needed this!!!

And it’s not just me, the people around me have noticed how I’ve changed on the outside and inside. This positive step has also trickled down to my family, as my girls have been cooking with me, eating a more balanced diet, and they want to get out of the house and be active. My lifestyle changes in health and fitness have made a difference! One of the most beautiful things that happened was when my 13-year-old daughter put her arm around me in church, looking at me with such respect and quietly whispered in my ear, “I am proud of you for sticking through this and Mom you deserve it!!!!”

My husband has been so amazing through this process, as well. He has started to workout and use the supplements, too. In the beginning, he never put me down and loved me unconditionally, but the way he looks at me now is different!! It feels so good to see that proud look in his eyes. It brings me back to the day I married him – We have been through a lot in the past 12 years with losing our 5- year-old, a baby at 20 weeks, and 4 additional miscarriages. What I realize now is that pushing through it is what makes you strong!!! No matter what obstacle life lays in front of you,  you must decide… It’s not about winning or losing but CHOOSING to carry on and be the best that you can in this life. I truly thank Nutrishop from the bottom of my heart for being a caring partner in my journey and bettering my family’s life, too!!

Congratulations, Laurie!

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Yours healthfully,

Team Nutrishop

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