Do You Have Optimal “Gut” Health?

Do You Have Optimal “Gut” Health?

Do You Have Optimal Gut Health?

Looking at the digestive system inside each and every one of us is like comparing a garden hose attached to your home thrown in the yard that is full of twists and turns that help the body expel and sort through all of the different foreign substances both good and bad that we intake daily.

Generally our digestive track or gut does a phenomenal job completing the aforementioned task, it truly is the base of our metabolism, immune system and controls several nutrients that are transported to cells within our body. Just like everything else in our body, occasionally something misfires and we have for lack of better terms an “interruption in service”.

When something goes wrong in the gut generally speaking we will feel ran down, sluggish, feel brain fog and are prone to illnesses sometimes that can create some long lasting health concerns.

A few things that anyone can do to help with this is as follows:

1.) Eat complete proteins, earth grown complex carbs, green leafy vegetables and healthy fats.
(Simply staying away from processed foods and refined sugars)

2.) Drink lots of water. (shoot for 1 gallon daily or 1/2 your body weight at a minimum in ounces)

3.) Take a quality probiotic daily.

Quality probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are amazing for your general health. These beneficial bacteria keep a healthy balance of the good bacteria which helps eliminate the bad keeping your digestive track in the state that it was designed to be in for optimal health. If you have yet to grab a probiotic, I would recommend doing it today! Why wait? Eat clean, drink water and keep that gut health in check!

If you have any further questions regarding this topic be sure to stop into one of our Omaha locations 76th & Cass or 168th & Center Street. As always good luck and stay healthy!

~Team Nutrishop Omaha

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