Beat the Holiday Bulge!

Beat the Holiday Bulge!

Beat the holiday BULGE!

Every year the average American puts on between 4 and 10lbs of fat over the holiday season. Now I don’t know about you, but as I get older I just can’t afford to be putting sub-par garbage food into my body during the holidays then trying to work ten times harder and longer to rip that bad weight back off. It surely isn’t getting easier and I can’t afford to take steps backwards. I want to give you all a few tips to beat the holiday bulge and power through the holiday season food temptations so you can stay on your “A” game.

1.) Be sure to keep complete proteins like meat, eggs, fish, chicken, turkey, seafood and any other protein that at one point was breathing or was going to breathe in the diet as they take longer to digest, will keep you full and also keep the metabolism charged.

2.) Avoid excess processed foods and refined sugars. (FAT STORAGE ALERT)

3.) Never go longer then 4 hours without eating as your blood glucose levels will drop and you will begin to burn off muscle and store fat, energy levels will plummet and the HUNGER trigger will strike driving the desire to binge eat.

4.) Drink lots of water. Water works wonders for the body, work your way toward 1 gallon of water daily to support every metabolic function.

5.) Enjoy the holidays…don’t quit and stick to the grind so you can look your best, feel your best and be your best every single day!

Happy Holidays
Team Nutrishop Omaha

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