What Happens When You Stop Eating Sugar?

What Happens When You Stop Eating Sugar?

What Happens When You Stop Eating Sugar

When you decide to stop eating sugar or stop eating a lot of added sugars from items like pop, candy, cookies, donuts and other processed foods, several physiological changes happen within the human body. First in foremost, right away our hormone levels begin to shift allowing Insulin levels in your body to decrease. Insulin is the hormone responsible for regulating sugar and storing excess glucose also causing excess fat storage.

It’s extremely difficult to lose body fat and lose excess pounds when you constantly have a lot of insulin production circulating within the body. However when you reduce sugar intake and foods prone to converting to sugar, it makes it much easier for our body to access stored fat to be burned as energy.

After cutting sugar from the diet, it also helps the body to reduce fat in our bloodstream known as triglycerides which play a significant role in heart disease. With heart disease on the rise, I think it would be much easier to reduce sugar intake from our diets rather than to be forced into an unwanted heart surgery.

As we continue to cut sugar from our nutritional intake we start to see a significant change in the types of foods we crave and the foods that used to taste great begin to taste much different or much sweeter discouraging us from not only craving these foods but also eating them all together.

Overall if you are someone eating lots of processed foods and or sugary treats on a consistent basis, take the time, cut the junk and watch your body change before your eyes. As always if you have any questions swing by either Nutrishop Omaha location located on 76th & Cass or 168th & Center Street and allow us to help. Good luck and stay healthy.

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