Christina Greenwald (down 21 lbs)

About This Project

I originally started with Todd Smith Fitness 2014 Memorial Day Weekend. I remember questioning myself as to why I would choose a holiday weekend. I decided that no matter what time of year it is, I could always make an excuse to wait and start a healthier lifestyle journey of exercising and eating right or just jump in! I decided to start!!! Todd Smith Fitness was my choice because I knew I had to do something different. I had been a runner for years and even trained and ran two full marathons but it was not working any longer to keep the weight off. I found myself exercising a lot, running 5 to 6 days a week, which took a lot of time and still not seeing results. I also noticed that ever since our daughter’s health issues as well as some of my own, I had become a stress eater and was eating myself fat. My lowest point began after I watched our, at the time, 2 year old daughter fight for her life at Children’s ER for several hours after eating a bite of a peanut butter cookie. The doctor’s decided to hospitalize her for another day and half to watch closely because it took so long to get her vitals back to normal in the ER that Friday evening. This life threatening food allergy was very unexpected and I had never seen such horrifying consequences from something so “innocent”. Her life threatening food allergy began an entire new world for us as a family and took a huge toll on me mentally and physically. I quickly had to learn about life threatening food allergies and navigating through life. Reading food labels carefully, managing birthday parties, holidays, school functions, play-dates, school field trips, traveling, etc. My world was gripped with fear and stress so I turned to food as my comfort. May 2014, I reached 185 pounds. I realized that this was only 10 pounds shy from when I was at the ending of my pregnancy except I was not pregnant. I had gained 35 pounds in a year from stress eating. I felt miserable mentally and physically. I was angry with myself for letting myself go and felt I had no control over my life or body. I wanted my old body back as well as greater internal strength to better handle our daughter’s life threatening allergies on a daily basis for me as well as our family. I had heard about how weight training and building muscle could really help burn fat and change your body shape along with good/proper nutrition. This is when I turned to Todd Smith Fitness to help me change my eating habits, lose weight and gain back control of my body. I also felt if I could get control of my body then I could gain to help heal me internally. From May 2014 to May 2015, I lost 34 pounds by changing diet habits and working out two days a week with weight training. I was thrilled with my weight loss and how much better I was feeling internally and externally. I did not feel like I was hungry or neglecting myself from foods either. I also thought it was amazing that I only spent two hours a week weight training and lost that much weight. Most importantly, I felt like I was gaining back control of my life and doing something for myself again. From May 2015 to August 2015, I finally noticed a plateau in my weight and wanted to do something again to lose more weight as well as further transform my body. I heard at Todd Smith Fitness that Nutrishop was doing The Omaha Challenge. This was the challenge I needed to kick start an even greater transformation and get off my plateau. My new goal at this point for The Omaha Challenge was to lose additional weight to end up in the mid 130’s. I also wanted to challenge myself to become leaner while building muscle and really sculpting my body. I decided to enter the challenge. At this point, I had gained such a respect for weight training along with good nutrition. At this point, it had even crossed my mind to keep on this track and someday be able to enter a bikini competition. When I entered this Omaha Challenge, I was at 151 pounds. In 12 weeks I have managed to accomplish my goal of losing more weight, gaining more muscle and becoming even better educated about nutrition to fuel my body. I lost an additional 22 pounds in this challenge bringing my total weight loss since beginning at Todd Smith Fitness to a total of 55 pounds. Also, this additional 22 pounds from the challenge exceeded my goal for weight loss weighing in at 130 pounds. I lost 4 more inches off my waste and can actually see shapely muscle gain in my stomach, legs, back and arms. I feel and look the best I have ever looked. Most importantly I feel amazing on the inside. There is a since of control over my life. I have been able to learn so much more information about weight training, good nutrition as well as how nutritional supplements helped with my body’s transformation. The nutritional supplements are something I added in my diet for the challenge. I could definitely tell how much of a positive impact these supplements had on my muscle gain and further transformation. The Omaha Challenge has now given me the confidence that I can achieve a further fitness goal and look into training for a bikini competition. The Omaha Challenge helped make this possible dream more real. My daughter was and still is my original driving force to have control of my life, health and body and to be mentally and physically stronger to handle life’s punches. Thank you to all the staff at Todd Smith’s Fitness and Nutrishop for the weight training and nutrition knowledge, coaching and motivation with this challenge. It was a true partnership. I am amazed at the compliments I am receiving. Friends and family are asking, “how did you lose that much weight”, what are your doing”, and “where are you going” and “you look amazing”. I tell them some of the important things I have learned but like to refer them to the experts. I do manage to tell them how amazing I think weight training is and what positive impacts it makes on your body. I also mention that eating right and nutritional supplementation is more important than I would have ever imaged before this/my lifestyle change!