Donna Smidt (down 29 lbs)

About This Project

I have become the person that I was born to be I believe. While I was active in my addiction I was a very selfish, mean spirited person who only cared about myself and took from others so that I could benefit myself. I did not care about helping others because I was too busy figuring out who and what I could take from to feed my addiction. This was years and years or self-destruction but mostly destruction to anyone who crossed in my path of life. I was blessed to be given another chance of live through sobriety, it was there that I learned how to put others first and how to treat people with dignity and respect and love, unconditional love. I have practiced being principled throughout my daily adventures in life and most of the time succeeded. Not perfectly but at the end of my day I get to say that I was a good person to those who I came in contact with. The Omaha challenge has allowed to be go to a new level. I work with women in sobriety and sponsor them, we speak weekly about how challenges in life can deter you from staying sober and try to test us. I have spoken to many women about how these same challenges can deter us from eating healthy and working out and working on ourselves from the inside out. Again I stress the importance of staying physically fit and how that can impact your sobriety. I have a friend in recovery that has stopped taking her melatonin and antidepressants because of how she is feeling internally and about herself. She is working out 3 times a week and eating healthy meals and reporting to me what she eats. The tools I have been given I am passing on to others and enjoying doing it thoroughly. Not just the adults in my life but the children. If I am blessed to win this I am choosing 4 women from Heartland Family Service women treatment center to pull into Todd Smith for a month of training. To help plant that seed, not only to help them feel better and look good but to help them maintain a longer road of recovery from drugs and alcohol. Self-esteem is a hard one to get back up after hitting the bottom and this place “Todd’s” has given that back to me. Recovery from addiction no matter what form it is, is a fight a daily fight not just against the disease but against yourself. Self-doubt and negative thinking pulls you back in. I have found that with ALL of what I have gained from the challenge has made me stronger from getting pulled back in. I say all of the time my fellow addicts, again whether from drugs or any other unhealthy addiction, WE STARTED AT THE BOTTOM, NOW WE HERE!!

COURAGE IS THE RESISTANCE OF FEAR, I saw that once while I was in training and it made me push harder that day and feel proud of who and what I have become. Thank you so much for believing in me when I could not believe in myself, I say this to the trainers who put time into me and pushed me when I did not want to be pushed.