Jessica Selega (down 26 lbs)

The Omaha Challenge helped me find my smile. As the pounds fell off I felt that I had more reason to smile. It was easier to find the positive spin on things. I felt like I just have more get up and go, my bounce is back. It helps that there’s a little less of me to have to get up and bounce too. And when the gray clouds popped up nothing blew them away like going to the gym and fighting them on the elliptical. I can wear the clothes I want without having to constantly suck in my tummy. I have confidence in who I am, inside and out. I volunteer with a support group for people who have similar chronic medical conditions to mine. I’ve been practicing what we preach and my results are slowly being noticed. By my healthy living hopefully I can help guide others to their own smiles. I’m for sure going to let everyone know about my participation in the next challenge and encourage them to sign up too.