Shane Barsell (down 35 lbs)

The Omaha Challenge has completely transformed my external appearance. The problem area I have struggled with my whole life had been my midsection and love handles. I had also wanted to have more muscular defined legs, chest and shoulders. So far I have eliminated close to all of the fat in my midsection and my love handles are barely visible. I used to be embarrassed to wear tight clothing or shirts because my stomach out stick out and I felt uncomfortable. It now feels great to have all of my shirts feeling baggy, it’s almost like I lost half of a person in that area. When I look in the mirror I am now happy and pleased with what I see. I have more definition in my legs, chest and shoulders as well. I feel like my posture has improved and I walk around with my head held up high. I have more confidence in my appearance than I have had in my whole life. Since I have burned off so much fat my plan moving forward is to keep improving my external appearance. I plan to put on more muscle and try to become even more “ripped”. I am very pleased with my external results and don’t ever want to go back to the way I looked prior to the challenge. I can see myself already spreading the gift of health. I have shared with my family and co-workers the work out and meal plan that I have stuck to. Several times I have curious co-workers asking me how I did it. That gives me a chance to share with them my experience and what I learned through the challenge. I have quietly motivated several people at my work to begin fostering a healthy lifestyle. My manager is quite overweight and is an older lady. Since I have begun the challenge she started taking wellness class and I notice her eating salads and making better choices. I know I have set an example for the ones around me just by my actions. In order to continue to spread the gift of health, I will make myself available and be intentional on coaching others when it comes to diet plans and exercising. I feel that I have gained a lot of knowledge as far as what works and what doesn’t. I do plan on spreading that knowledge to others who may not know what to do and want to lose weight. I think showing others I can stick to something and be discipline will rub off on others and make them want to cultivate a healthy lifestyle as well, I can already see it.