Stef Leyden (down 25 lbs)

I am a walking testament to consistency and patience paying off. I have had so many people approaching over my changing appearance. I’m nothing but encouraging and supportive and immediately refer them to Nutrition Pros and Todd Smith. I didn’t “just” lose weight. I beam happiness and others notice every day! I have sparked a trend in my office and 3 out of 6 people are now tracking food and following some sort of “macro allotment.” My mom comments on how “creative” my food is and that “maybe she could do it too if she was able to eat with such creativity too.” The key is to NOT diet. Sure, I’m in a calorie deficit but I’m also living, training, and eating the way I would and will if it were any other day, not just for a challenge and THAT’S how I know, it’s forever!!!