Travis Hillman (down 56 lbs)

About This Project

My internal appearance has changed the most. Health issues have decreased or disappeared altogether. My psychological outlook on life is much better. No male on my father’s side has lived past 62. I thought that was my destiny for so long, and my wife gets upset when I talk like that. But now, I believe I have a say in the matter. I can make great choices and beat the odds. I am much happier the better shape I am in. The ability to play more with my girls leads to more joy in my life.

The external change is what is most noticeable to friends and family, and it’s great to get compliments, but the best part is not having to buy 3X shirts and 40 to 42 inch waist pants. I now wear a 38 inch waist and am moving to a 36 very soon! Also (as you can see in my pictures), I may actually have abs and its very nice to see them again.

All that is great but honestly it just feels really good to have some great strides taken to being me again!