About Us


Nutrishop is locally owned and operated. Nutrishop owner Todd Smith has been helping people reach their health and fitness goals for 30 years! Throughout his career, Todd has passionately focused on delivering unparalleled service and customer commitment to each individual. While there are other nutritional brands on the market today, only Nutrishop embodies the same core values and commitment to excellence as Todd Smith. 


Nutrishop specializes in nutritional supplements for general health, weight loss, and sports nutrition offering consumers the top brands at the GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICES! Nutrishop 


Omaha’s experiences staff will listen to your goals and align a healthy meal plan to assure you reach the best health possible. It is our mission to provide the best products and services available. Nutrishop Omaha’s experienced staff is driven by delivering life changing results to our customers.


We are not going to sell you supplements that are not the right fit FOR YOU. Nutrishop does not want you to get in shape and change your body’s composition for just the next month. Nutrishop will help you change what you eat and help you select the RIGHT supplements for you. We will give you the formula for success and we hope you take it because it can CHANGE your LIFE!